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The Café Dengel

With our homemade bread, cakes, strudels & tea biscuits, we offer you a range of traditional perfection, characterised by handcrafted quality and freshness from master craftsmen. You can enjoy our excellent coffee or tea beside the classical baker & confectioner specialities at comfortable, friendly ambience.

Come over for breakfast!

The most original way to
bake bread

We heat our brick oven traditionally with wood! This way of baking bread gives it a touch of originality and that unmistakable good taste.

With us you get cakes and desserts in pastry quality

They say that man does not live by bread alone. And it's true, because sometimes you just need something sweet.


The fine and sweet has a very high value with us as well as with our customers. With great attention to detail, the bakery prepares puff pastries, Danish pastries and sweet yeast doughs that find their fans at breakfast and coffee.

Speaking of coffee...

For excellent bread you need not only the right ingredients, but also alert bakers. It is the small cup of coffee in the morning that makes the difference. It makes for happy bakers and thus for the best bread. That's why Dengel Bakery makes such good coffee. And we don't want to keep it from anyone.

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